About us

“aCourela do Alentejo” was born on the day when the Raiano horizon fell in love with its creators in the beautiful parish of Varche, in Elvas.

More than an agricultural enterprise, “aCourela do Alentejo” is dedicated mainly to the production of almond and aloe vera exclusively in an biological way, being the owner of “Aloe Portugal” trademark, with a wide range of food products and cosmetics, purely natural, and 100% Portuguese.

Assuming a vocation of sustainability, “aCourela do Alentejo” is a pioneer project in Portugal, with 4 hectares of almond trees and 1 hectare of aloe vera medicinal plant, compromised with the balance of the ecosystem as well with the quality of its production.

Quem Somos


A short walk through “aCourela” will show you our concern for the environment and our commitment to a philosophy of sustainability.



Proof of this is the drip irrigation system boosted by solar energy, humidity soil meters and a water storage tank (due to the shortages and the Alentejo climate), all combined with the latest programmer technology and data to eliminate wasted resources.



Hopping to preserve this land for the generations to come, “aCourela” is certified as an organic production and has several beehives in its vicinity that allow a pleasant and informal partnership of pollination.