Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is currently a world-known plant with a very popular use in recent years. This is due to several factors. First, due to a society increasingly sensitized to find natural products, both for food and for cosmetics.

However, there are other reasons for the research carried out over the last decades on the numerous benefits of aloe vera, which were recognized ancestrally by popular wisdom but with a lack of scientific rigor to certify them.

All this makes aloe vera nowadays one of the most demanded medicinal plants, thanks to its applications and proven benefits, being one of the most investigated plants today.

The benefits of aloe vera from the aCourela do Alentejo are being studied by the research team of CIMO (Mountain Research Center) of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (Portugal).

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Aloe Vera
O Aloe Vera

Do you know all the benefits that aloe vera consumption can bring you?

The use of aloe vera by mankind is not recent, dating back to immeasurable times and to ancient cultures that already used this plant, especially for topical beauty-related remedies.

However, this is staying on the surface, since this plant offers so much more. It is true that is the best known for its cosmetic use, but, as a cooking ingredient, it is very effective for the improvement of internal pathologies or even for the treatment of some diseases in animals.



Its use on the skin is the most extensive, using it for burns, as a moisturizer, as anti-wrinkle cream, as after sun, against eczema, etc. The secret it’s in its rich composition, with vitamins A and C that aid in skin regeneration, as well as some amino acids and anthraquinones. But it also have great properties against skin conditions such as psoriasis.

In this way, the saponins give it a cleaning effect, which is still effective as a soothing irritant or insect bites, thanks to its antibacterial, fungicidal and analgesic effect. Add to this we have a substance called lignin, which is responsible for aloe vera penetrating the three layers of the skin, thus increasing its effectiveness.

Do you know all the benefits that aloe vera consumption can bring you?


Drinking aloe vera is healthy. Not only because it is a great vitamin supplement, given its composition rich in vitamins and minerals, but also because it contains a number of vital elements for our body, such as germanium and acemanana.

According to the prestigious researcher, Kazuiki Asai, germanium “oxygenates and alkalizes the body, a vital detail, since acidification and lack of tissue oxygen is the terrain on which all pathologies manifest themselves.” On the other hand, acemana is a mucopolysaccharide that helps boost the immune system and stimulates white blood cells, as well it helps as a circulatory activator, cell regenerator and detoxes our body.

Aloe vera in your diet

Aloe vera is a product that can be used in all types of diets, and is even used by many vegans. Here we have of its benefits:

Aid in digestion;

Contains essential amino acids;

Helps with the acne;

Reduces the sensation of pain due to its proteins;

Fight and pallia in oncological diseases;

Reduces blood sugar;

Prevents other diseases.

Aloe vera na sua alimentação